Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LUXONLINE - Chris Welsby: The Man and his Work

This afternoon I am posting a link to the great LUXONLINE site dedicated, as the site states, to 'exploring British-based artists' film and video in depth'. In particular, I want to draw your attention to the work of the great Chris Welsby. I have always been very taken with Welsby's films, 1976's Stream Line, in particular, and always look to include them in any module on British cinema I am delivering.  For this part of the course I always programme Stream Line to be screened with Norman Cohen's Confessions of a Driving Instructor, released the same year.

From a personal perspective, I find Welsby's films compelling for many, many reasons - reasons that I am still trying to find the words to explain. That might be something for the future. For the moment I am content to let the man speak for himself:

For further information, here is the link to Welsby's homepage.